01 Our Products

Popular Range
Popular Range
Smooth cylindrical poles that have been treated for outdoor use. All timber is varnished with Rystix Armadek and is dry within 2 hours ready for play.

Standard Range
Standard Range
Tapered poles that are more rustic in appearance. All timber is sealed with wax oil which may take up to 2 weeks to dry (this may be switched for Rystix Armadek at an additional cost).
Industrial Range
Industrial Range
Structures are up graded in strength for public and school use and built for high traffic volumes.

02 About Us

If you dream it, we will build it!

Our play structures are well designed to suit children ranging from 2 years old and up. Our play structures accommodate multiple children at once which allows children to play together encouraging them to improve their social skills by interacting with other children thereby helping them to develop a friendly personality and teaches them to share and deal with conflict.

Urban Outdoor strives for excellence and perfection! When it comes to our play structures we understand that it is important for children to play outdoors. Playing helps to build good hand / eye co-ordination and being outdoors is healthy for growing children. Play is fundamental to all aspects of child development; playground environments are the ideal solution in children's physical exercise, growth and in their development of motor skills as well as triggering their imaginations.

Sand play is important for any developing child. It allows participation and it permits children to stretch their imagination as well as providing a potentially soothing sensory experience. Our sandboxes are designed to give children hours of fun by incorporating a theme around the sandbox to further stretch the imagination and is an excellent avenue for children to learn physical, cognitive and social skills.
Our play structures are built to suit your budget and space

All our structures can be modified to yours and your children’s needs. You can add slides, swings, rope ramps, rigid ladders, fireman’s poles, tyre towers, sandpits, climbing walls, cargo nets and many more.

We choose to use quality materials which ensures the safety of the units with poles being treated to SABS standards for the safety of your children. All our structures are painted with an option of an oil based or timber varnish oil/wax based penetrating wood dresser. This wood dresser penetrates, stabilizes and nourishes the wood.

03 Play Therapy

Benefits of play structures
  • triggers their imagination & creativity
  • abstract thinking
  • empathy and the ability to cooperate
  • social, language and mental skills
  • provides problem solving
  • builds confidence & self esteem
  • developments muscle control and hand-eye coordination
  • improves climbing abilities
  • improves agility and balance
  • improves flexibility, coordination, balance and overall strength

O4 Gallery

Urban Outdoor Crazy ladder Urban outdoor freestanding climbing wall (3) Urban Outdoor (13) Urban Outdoor Double platform 2a Urban Outdoor Double platform 4b 20140530_104029 Urban Outdoor Single platform (13) Urban Outdoor sound and activity garden (7)

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